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I spent the last 30 minutes watching videos on the Kiki Challenge, trying to understand if the people were attempting it cause it’s fun or to post it for fun. Well if Julius Caesar were alive he would say ‘I came. You saw. I conquered’. So it makes me ask a very existential question – What is Reality really? But then why wouldn’t I wonder about these unhip things, I belong to Gen X, the generation that used telephone booths, video libraries and Kodak photo studios

And then there are Millennials – the cool GenYers, busy on their new phones, taking selfies, watching Netflix, swiping left right. You can love them, hate them but they just won’t let you ignore them. Here’s why:

– The Bored Syndrome
Variety is the salt of their lives. A basic need. How else would you explain them voting for Trump after Obama. ‘Oh man this dude was so respectful and loved by all. Now let’s look at someone totally different’. They tend to get bored of their companies, their partners, their jobs and of being bored.

– Problem of Plenty
The genesis of ‘Boredom’ came from the problem of plenty. They had too many toys to play with, too many academic choices, too many job offers, too many dating sites…. And sometimes, choices compel you to experience all and then feel the one you gave up might have been the right one.

– Probability of a Thought
And since they have options, they need to do the math on the probability theory. If I continue with this job, I will become head of department in 5 years, but then I cannot become CEO by the age of 30. So should I quit this job and join that small company and become a CEO? But then I will not be able to marry Miss India. Can I start my own company sell it for a million bucks and marry Miss India? But then I like my current girlfriend.
Okay so if we have to find 10P6
nPr = n!/(n-r)!
=   10!   
(10 – 6)!
= 10 X 9 X 8 X 7 X 6 X 5 X 4 X 3 X 2 X 1
4 X 3 X 2 X 1
Let’s go for a drink yaar.

– We don’t need no Grammar
Why write a sentence when you can Hashtag a word, why express when you can use an emoji, why remember names when you can call everyone ‘Bro’ and why read long lines when you have abbreviations. IDK. If there was any GenYer who started reading this blog, he gave up before reaching this point to check the likes from the #IGERS

– Tareef pe Tareef. Tareef pe Tareef
What is life without a pat on the back or likes on a post? Nothing. Persona non grata. Being appreciated was a way of life and suddenly they feel wronged when they enter the corporate boxing ring where they get more blows than applause.

– Money matters
You remember the dialogue in DDLJ where SRK tells his to-be Mother-in-law that it’s better to choose the tough road than the wrong road. Well Millennials didn’t watch that movie. They believe in quick and easy roads. That means ‘There are some things that parents can buy. For everything else there’s Mastercard’. They don’t realise they also have to pay the bills, the EMIs, the debts. And finally when it all hits them, they try to find more shortcuts in the name of Jugaad, sometimes crossing the fine line of integrity.

But let’s take a moment and be objective here.

1. Had you ever tried to change a process or approach and were just bowled out. For a Duck. Well then you know Gen Xs and Baby Boomers. These folks resist change, first consciously and then sub-consciously. Whereas Millennials are quick to adopt as they are not attached to routine. Millennials will navigate, build, innovate and implement your change agenda.

2. Millennials don’t get easily intimidated. They feel comfortable voicing their views and can stand up to authority.

3. You know as you grow up you tend to realise that a lot of things your parents told you didn’t make any sense: How does Slow and Steady win the race? Why is 99% perspiration required? Millennials don’t believe in this mumbo jumbo. They want to work smart and not hard. And let’s face it sometimes we are just jealous of them as they have a life outside the 8 walls of office.

4. Millennial’s casual approach also makes them slightly less egotistic. They fight, they vent, but they quickly move on. I guess they get bored of staying angry. Whereas God help you if you have faced the wrath of a Gen X or Baby Boomer. They sulk, they go silent on you and they hold the grudge till they have gotten even and sometimes after that too.

5. GenYers don’t belong anywhere; they are open to embrace diversity – diversity of thought, gender, sexual preference and religion.

And just like we laugh at our parents when they go to the Bank to fill their passbooks, the GenYers laugh at us when we write long blogs. #sorryaboutthat #notinstablog #nofilter BRB