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Thanks to the millions of years of evolution, we humans know how to survive. Our minds are sharply engineered not to be happy but to survive, to live on, to procreate. And while this is great for the human race, it’s not so great for the human. We choose to think of our community instead of humanity, we choose to compete where we should collaborate, we choose fear instead of hope and sometimes sex instead of love. All because we are governed, sometimes even controlled, by the principles of survival. These principles favour the fittest, not the happiest and the kindest. And so in our journey to happiness, the biggest enemy is our own mind. A mind that is wired to protect itself by either seeking power or the powerful. Survival feeds on emotions of fear, greed, pessimism, lust, selfishness and so these are more embedded in us than emotions of pure joy. Yet, we humans are constantly in search of happiness, in search of that eluding peace and in search of that unconditional love and compassion. This search is inevitably obstructed by our mind that seeks comfort in the principles of survival. And so happiness sometimes simply becomes a myth, a dream at best. But if humanity has to survive, it must protect itself from its own self destructing ways and similarly the human must do the same. We must fight this natural urge to put our existence above our own and other’s happiness. We must fight our minds to feel free and to feel happiness unconditionally.