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A leader’s key responsibility is to provide feedback and improve the performance of his team members. When feedback is given effectively, it raises the individual and if given poorly, it can destroy the individual. This video gives you two quick tips that can be used at any given point of time while sharing feedback

1.       Always give feedback in a sandwich form where you keep the negative between two layers of positive. So start by sharing the positives. Positivity is known to open our minds for possibilities and so we can better take the negative feedback. Then share the area of improvement and end it on a positive note again.

2.       The results are most effective when you ask the employee open ended questions on his performance and help him get insights on the area of improvement himself/herself. The ownership to work on these areas will be far higher when shared by the employees themselves.

These 2 simple tips can be used while providing formal annual feedback and also at the end of any major event or achievement that needs a review. When done well a Manager can substantially improve his/her team’s performance by using these two methods.