About the Blog

With a 1 Billion plus population in India, there shouldn’t be any dearth of talent, right? Well there is.

Being one of the few economies insulated from the global recession, there shouldn’t be problems in getting jobs, right? Well not true.

And with more than 800,000 students graduating every year from Business Schools, there shouldn’t be many skill-gaps, right? Well there are plenty.

So my blog is a small attempt in addressing the above issues and bringing in synergies between the excessive demand and the excessive supply our country is so uniquely endowed with.

It will talk about career matters and how to progress in your work-life.

It aims to bring about some best-practices that Human Resources can use to better manage career aspirants in their organisations.

Here’s to a happy Work-life!

1 thought on “About the Blog”

  1. Issues are aplenty when it comes to decide on skill sets and how they can be aptly placed in the environs of work place. Millions (pass out) every year and when they wakeup to the tough realities of finding their métier, the average mind picks up a lackadaisical routine rather an assignment that is adrenaline pumping, creativity inducing and borders thinly on the dangers of pink slip handout. Fact that we churn largely unhireable educated doesn’t serves much purpose either. HR, Operations are taken as easy go lucky mandates, with sales taking more kaleidoscopic hues which borders on grime, heat, dust and perennial issues of job loss. The reality lurks in middle. Academia gives you a theoretical dimension while on the job gives it a practical sheen. The thought that theory prepares a men for future is bit far fetched, theoretical constructs are passé in present times of relentless change, except giving you walking stick it helps little in helping you sprint, with possible exception of giving you historical perspective of present. The inordinate delay in which syllabi changes are effected also dents the sharpness of guidance. The answer lies in making the learned, unlearned through series of dialogues at academia level, hiring levels and at apprentice levels. The real “to know” comes through realm of “don’t know”. This blog does have critical role to play, it not only dangerously occupies hitherto unoccupied space of work life it also holds promise of giving or initiating engagement that may make unstuck present dilemmas of young turks who have passed out and looking for healthy careers and may bridge the understanding of hirer on how to approach this market. That way Hamsaz has tough ask in hand and wish her all the best.

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