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We all know the importance of self confidence in one’s success – be it in relationships or career. Yet as Managers we never focus on building this aspect in our team members.

We are quick to laugh at them when they struggle to learn something new “He is so dumb. Doesn’t use his common sense”.

Quick to criticize them when they make mistakes. “Oh I am trying to improve him”.

And sometimes even quick to scream at them if their performance is poor “He is totally incompetent. He should start looking for another job”.

Mostly thinking we are doing the right thing. But completely forgetting that self belief is most important when you want to get them to learn something faster or take up a challenge or excel in their jobs. So here’s a short video that I would urge all managers and coaches to see.

Keep in mind that development of your team member or coachee can only happen if you constantly build his confidence.